Case Management of Family Support Orders

The Wayne County CSEA manages approximately 6,000 family support cases and collects nearly $14 million of support each year for the families it serves. Once an order for child support, medical support or spousal support is established, the CSEA can provide support enforcement services.

Nearly 75% of support collected is collected through income withholding orders. The CSEA or the court may send an income withholding order to an employer, or other source of income, and require that the employer deduct the support obligation from the parent’s income. The employer, or other source of income, i.e., banks, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, social security, etc., deducts the specified amount each pay period and sends the payment to the Ohio Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC).

If the parent ordered to pay support is unemployed, it is important that the parent be able to find and keep a job so that they can support themselves and their children. The CSEA can work with parents who are seeking employment and can make referrals to local resources that provide employment services. Locally, the Wayne County CSEA partners with the Wayne County Department of Job and Family Services and the Wayne County ABLE program to provide assistance with obtaining gainful employment.

The CSEA may also utilize enforcement measures such as license suspension, contempt of court proceedings, credit reporting, and intercepting monies from bank accounts, tax refunds, lottery winnings, and lump sum payments in an effort to collect regular and consistent support. In addition, the U.S. State Department will deny a passport if more than $2,500 in back due child support is owed. Criminal actions may be initiated against parents who fail to support their children and who are chronically delinquent in their support obligations.

The CSEA may also locate parents and their income and assets by using available information, local resources, and the highly computerized State and Federal Parent Locator Services (FPLS).

The CSEA may provide additional services, such as terminating the support order when a duty to provide support no longer exists.


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